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Already feeling the moving stress? Not anymore! ServiceFinders is your go-to destination for the best move out cleaning in Zurich. Your Trusted Partner for Quick, Affordable, and Dependable cleaning services

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Professional, Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Moving Out Cleaning Service

There are alot of things to take care of while moving out of a space, its a stressful situation whether its a house or a workplace. However, handing over the place to the landlord in a tidy manner is also compulsory. So, why are you worrying about it when we got you covered for all move out cleaning service in Zurich!

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Ready for move out cleaning in Zurich? Our exclusive handover cleaning service procedure is as easy as 1, 2, 3!!!


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Book an appointment via call, email, or Whatsapp and leave the rest to us.


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I want to assure you that we shall endeavour to get you an estimate of the cost as it will depend on the type of cleaning you need for your business.


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Then by signing the terms and quotation, the delivery of our porter will be at your door on the date and time you have specified to us.


Professional Move-Out Cleaning

Punctual and professional, our team will quickly get hold of the move out and progress the cleaning process using certified methods and innovating equipment.


Final Inspection and Satisfaction

We ensure that a complete check up has been done to assure that all areas had been finely brushed. Just know that we are happy when you are happy.

ServiceFinders | Your Search For “Move Out Cleaning Near Me” Ends Here!

Looking for a professional move out cleaning in Zurich? ServiceFinders is the premium option available for you! We’re a leading name in local house moving out service providers. Don’t stress out of unnecessary worries, just make a call and let us handle the rest!

Our Move Out Cleaning Is Available For:

Residential Places

We offer move out cleaning services for residential places, and vacation rentals.


Leave your old flat or apartment looking better with our handover cleaning service.

Business Spaces

Dont leave a dirty mark behind – make your business space shine with us


Impress your landlord with a spotless office move out.

Best Moving Out Cleaning | What Can We Do?

ServiceFinders is providing a comprehensive range of cleaning services to get the place back to its tip-top condition before inspection of the landlord. Our highly skilled and expert apartment handover team has all the necessary tools and chemicals available to ensure no stone unturned.

Residential End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Service

Are you close to the end of contract deadline? Count on our trusted house moving service! We take the tennents considerations as our own and provide the ultimate moving out solutions to get all the ends meet. Our House Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Apartment Cleaning Service
  • Basic Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Bedroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Sewerage Cleaning
  • Car park Cleaning
  • Exclusive Fulll House Cleaning
  • Windows and Ceiling Cleaning Service
  • Isnpection And Cleaning Service
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
And much more. You can contact us for instant quotes and further information!

Commercial Move Out Cleaning Service

Relocating your business? Let us help you in smooth and quick move out. We’re specialized in dealing with commerical, office, and business spaces. The ServiceFinders team will ensure that your handover terms with the landowner ends up without a hassle. Our Office Cleaning Service Includes:

    Our Office Removal Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Floor Cleaning
  • Windows and blinds Cleaning
  • Desks and furniture Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning with Sport Treats
  • Restroom and Kitchen Cleaning
  • Restoration of walls, ceilings, and floor
  • Maintenance of replacement of light bulbs and other electronic appliances

Common Moving Out Cleaning Issues We Cover in zurich

It is an emotional trance to move out which our body is never ready for doing the cleaning (even though we do hard) too heavily affirmed the same. Here are 5 common problems faced by tenants during move-out and some tips on how to solve them:Facet those 5 typical problems rented experience during move-out below and also offer solutions to tackle them.

Stains and marks on walls:Stains and marks on walls:

From time to time, the wall may appear to have scuff marks, stains, but also scratches on it. They do not only spoil the view but also can lead to problems when you leave the apartment. That inspection sometimes spells out issues around the departing apartment. The solution you need to make it is either a magic sponge or a special cleaning strip thats designed for walls. Before using it on the stain in question, its recommended to start with a portion on a smaller stain.

Carpets and floors:

Floors and carpets are under the most pressure as they receive higher levels of pedestrian traffic with specific spoil and discoloration on them. To do this, opt for a steam Mop or carpet cleaners. Should you encounter a different stain, such a red wine or iced coffee, a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is recommended for its strong cleaning power.

Kitchen and bathroom grime:

It can be a huge challenge to clean behind and under kitchen and bathroom appliances with ease, since they are often clogged by mold and grime. In this regard, use a cleaner which is consistent with the surface- to eliminate the mold try using bleach sodium chloride (if recommended by surface care manufacturer) or equilibrium.

Dust and debris:

Moving houses out usually consists of packing and moving a lot of boxes which is a chief source of the buildup of dust and dirt around. You all will need to use either a vacuum or a clothes to clean the niches and dust your surfaces. Do not dismiss details such as peper lights and baseboards.

Abandoned items and trash:

The last thing to do is transfer all belongings and by products coming from the rental house to the dumpster on the day before move-out. To do that would take a lot of effort, and you could also have budget constraints. To help with this, you can begin by categorizing the items into donation, garbage, and others respectively and use trash bags that are large enough to carry the rest of large items. Whenever you don’t have a car, hurry up and rent a van or find a moving service if you plan to move your belongings yourself.

So, leave your moving worries behind, call ServiceFinders and leave the rest to our professionals!

Key Features of Our Move Out Cleaning Service in Zurich:

We implement individually-adjusted cleaning programs hence we can collaborate with you to craft that list that suits your specific specials and preferences. Unlike the others, we are conscious of our effect on nature and incorporate an eco-friendly approach to cleaning in order to minimize pollution.

Here are some key features of our move-out cleaning service:

Thorough cleaning of all rooms:

The team that we form will be experts in cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and any rare cases that you desire to be cleaned.

Attention to detail:

We leave no more assumption as we spread our mop in different corners, assuring that the surface and nooks and crannies are pacing well.

Flexible solutions:

Our approach to cleaning is tailored to you: we work around your schedule, and provide from one-time to recurring cleanings.

Eco-friendly practices:

Smart eco-friendly practices is our top priority. We use organic cleaning products and techniques which minimizes our environmental footprint.

Affordable pricing:

The fair prices concept is one of the key principles of our business and we intend to charge only as much as we deserve to ensure that you get soiled and dirty stains removed at a budget friendly price.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Your contentment is our top priority, and if there is any mistake, we are ready to take full responsibility, fine-tune, or provide a refund.

Benefits of Choosing A Professional Moving Out Cleaning Service:

Choosing a move out cleaning service can be a game-changer for any stressful and chaotic move. Here are 5 benefits of choosing ServiceFinders for your move out cleaning needs in Zurich:


Stress-Free Moving

Let the experts handle the cleaning while you focus on other important aspects of your move.



Instead of taking up your valuable time cleaning, leave it to the professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently


Comprehensive Cleaning

From vacuuming every carpet and cleaning of all bathroom tiles to a full-scale deep cleaning that turns every room into a new home, our move out cleaning service aims to show there is no trace you ever lived in the place.


Customizable Cleaning Packages

Whether you need a basic cleaning or a top-to-bottom deep clean, we offer customized cleaning packages that cater to your specific needs and preferences.


Professional Grade Equipment and Cleaning Supplies

Our move out cleaning service in Zurich uses high-quality cleaning equipment and supplies to ensure a transformative clean that leaves your space looking brand new.

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Feature positive feedback and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Sarah D

"Example Cleaning Company exceeded my expectations with their move out cleaning service. The team was professional, thorough, and left my apartment looking better than when I moved in. Highly recommended!"

John S

"I was sceptical about hiring cleaners for my move out, but Example Cleaning Company made the process effortless. They paid attention to every detail and ensured my deposit was returned promptly. Fantastic service!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the facts that I should know about the Estashservice cleaning in Zurich?

What our Zurich’s move out cleaning service is distinguished by is professionalism, precision, trustfulness, and the reasonable price. Our services include the provision of full cleaning services, as well as the delivery of total clean-up and disinfection of spaces for both private and commercial properties, to make sure that the landlord is handed a clean space.

How do I find a reliable and professional apartment handover cleaning service near me?

You can find a reliable and professional apartment handover cleaning service near you by contacting ServiceFinders. We are a leading name in local house moving service providers in Zurich. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest!

What type of cleaning services are included in the move out cleaning process?

Our move out cleaning service includes a wide range of cleaning tasks such as basic cleaning, deep cleaning, bedroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, restroom cleaning, sewerage cleaning, car park cleaning, windows and ceiling cleaning, inspection and cleaning service, post-construction cleaning, and more.

Are there any special preparations that need to be done prior to using the service?

Before using our move out cleaning service, it is helpful to remove personal belongings and clutter from the space. This allows our team to focus on thorough cleaning without any hindrances.

What amount does such a handover cleaning service near grab from my purse?

Although cost of apartment handover cleaning services, can be different in price depending upon the space size and special cleaning conditions. To get non-speculative price quotation and details, simply get in touch with us via this site. Our pricing policy is based on a competitive approach to secure the financial security of our clients.