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Invite yourself to enjoy the softness and comfort of your favourite couches. ServiceFinders brings you the best solution for sofa cleaning in Zurich. Contact us now for more details!

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From Drab to Fab: Get Your Sofa Gleaming with Us!

It’s time to pay back the sofas and upholstery that had added value to your room’s elegance and comfort. Wondering about sofa cleaning? Leave it to Zurich’s best sofa cleaning company! We’ll revive the prime elegance once again.

ServiceFinders | Professional Sofa Cleaning in Zurich

We’re so into our lives that we almost deny the fact that our sofas, furniture, and upholstery also require some TLC. . That’s where ServiceFinders comes in as the pros in upholstery cleaning services based in Zurich. We’re trained and experts in dealing with fabrics and upholstery materials.

Our sofa Cleaning Is Available For:

Regular Sofa Cleaning

We offer basic cleaning solutions for sofas and upholstery.

Customized Sofa Cleaning

Give some special treatment to your furniture with our tailored deep cleaning for the sofa.

Commercial Sofa Cleaning

On a commercial scale, we provide sofa cleaning services for offices, hotels, stores, and more.

House Cleaning Services

Stay relaxed with our exclusive house cleaning services specified for sofa and other furniture.

Upholstery Cleaners in Zurich | What Do We Offer?

For professional cleaning services, we’re trained to handle different types of fabrics, we believe that sofa cleaning requires focus on minor and major details. Therefore, you can trust our sofa cleaning specialists. Here is a list of services we offer:

For the best sofa cleaning in Zurich, You can contact us for instant quotes, appointments, and further information!

Upholstery Cleaning Process


We give your sofa a thorough vacuuming to clear away all the loose dirt, dust, and debris from both the surface and those hard-to-reach crevices, ensuring a deep clean.


Use of suitable pre-cleaning compounds to clear stains, spots, big dirt and much better outcomes.

Steam Cleaning:

So let’s say the first way of cleaning is through a steam cleaner which is an appliance that introduces hot water and steam into the mattress and extracts the moisture with vacuuming to eliminate the dirt surrounding the furniture and debris on the floor.


During steam cleaning of furniture we are not only finishing the surface cleaning, but also removing contaminations such as germs, bacteria and allergens. It is this principle that guarantees not only a cleaner environment but also one that can be called a hygienic one thus you and your entire family can continue to thrive in it.

Stain Removal:

Modern cleaning machines may have specific programs for treating the removal of stubborn stains and spots in general for sofa cleaning in order to enhance its overall look.

Odor Removal:

Steam treatment can break down the sootece on puch, and the furniture will look and smell beautiful, just like after a professional dry cleaning.

Fabric Protection:

We apply fabric protectants to repel spills and stains in the future, extending the life of the upholstery.


The cleaning process is followed by a drying step to ensure the sofa is ready for use again.


A final inspection may be conducted to ensure the cleaning results meet the desired standards.

The Sofa Cleaning Service is exclusively customized to meet your specific needs. The price and cleaning method are tailored based on the details you provide. Give us a call to set up your appointment—we’re here to help you get started!

Why Choosing A Professional Sofa Cleaning Service Is Better That DIY?



Professional sofa cleaners have the necessary training and experience to handle different fabrics and stains effectively.


Specialized Equipment:

They use high-quality equipment like steam cleaners to achieve deep and thorough cleaning results.


Stain Removal:

Access to commercial-grade stain removers increases the chances of successfully removing tough stains.


Health Benefits:

Professional cleaning sanitizes the sofa, eliminating allergens and bacteria for a healthier living environment.



Hiring professionals save time and effort while ensuring a more efficient and effective cleaning process

Call The Best Zurich Cleaner And Restore The Elegance of Your Living Space!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Best sofa cleaning in zurich?

You’re at the right place for professional sofa cleaning services. ServiceFinders is here to take care of your precious belongings. We’ll not only redefine your sofa’s beauty but also make it refreshing to last longer. Our sofa cleaning service price is competitive, you can contact us for quick quotes and further details.

What services does ServiceFinders offer for sofa cleaning in Zurich?

Our Zurich cleaners will gladly give everything to arrive at the goal of doing sofa cleaning services; they include routine sofa cleaning, specific sofa cleaning, and that of both houses and offices.

What types of fabrics and upholstery materials can ServiceFinders handle?

We are a group of professional personnel with advanced training and experienced in various types of fabrics, furniture covers in order to ensure a thorough and expert approach to couch cleaning.

Is sofa cleaning safe for my pets and children?

Of course, ServiceFinders house cleaning services not only sanitizes, but it also removes germs and all manner of allergens and pet dander that may otherwise be hazardous to adults as well as kids. Choice of cleaning agents is taken with care in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for your whole family, including the little ones and our furry family members.